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Useful Links

Dog Guard of Seattle hopes these links are helpful in your pursuit of a happy lovable dog, and life with your dog, with or without our fencing.  (All of these links are to other website’s).  Seattle Dog Guard hopes that you find them to be useful links to help living with your dog in Seattle & Snoqualmie.

Pet Adoption…

Are you in King County and thinking of adopting a pet?  Great!  Here’s a link to some lovable animals that need a good home.  Adopt a Dog!

Dog Licenses…

If you already have a dog please do the responsible thing and make sure that he or she is licensed with the City of Seattle.  License your dog!

Seattle Dog Parks…

And remember plenty of exercise makes for a happy pooch.  Take me to the dog park!

Biodegradable Poop Bags…

Be environmentally friendly while picking up after your beloved dog and use Biodegradable Poop bags .

Dog Training…

Although there are many schools of thought on dog training we are particularly impressed with Cesar Millan’s methods.  Cesar’s Way

And feel free to submit your helpful websites for us to post.  We want as many well educated owners and well loved dogs as possible!


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